“Creation and study of a model of a Nordic community greenhouse coupled with a thermal storage system” -master’s thesis introduction.

On December 8, Timothée Maheux defended his master’s thesis in front of his jury and the members of ÉTS’s “Laboratoire de Thermique et Science du Bâtiment” (LTSB) Photography of Kuujjuaq Grenhouse in october 2023 by Vincent Cottéreau The subject was: how to couple two existing numerical models simulating the behavior of a greenhouse and a […]

Technical Facts – Chineese Solar Greenhouse

Chinese Solar Greenhouse (CSG) describes a specific greenhouse geometry that is particularly adapted to cold climates. Représentation schématique d’une Serre Chinoise. Marie Teillot. Octobre 2023 General Information Technology: Chinese Solar Greenhouse Cost: varies to materials used and of the labour cost. Classic models, however, are reputed to be inexpensive. Level of difficulty to build it:  moderate, […]